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Royal academy of dance registered teacher. RAD registered teacher.

Welcome to Empire Performing Arts

At Empire Performing Arts, we believe in a holistic learning environment that recognises the passion, needs and talents of each and every student.  We aspire to nurture each child's love of dance and through this enhance their sense of self respect and empowerment. Each student is supported to achieve personal goals, underpinned by technical dance quality.

With continual investment in our knowledge, teaching skills, the performing arts and child learning processes, our teaching staff strategically develop their expertise to give the students and parents of Empire Performing Arts the best training and experiences possible.

Through education, creativity and passion, we hope to inspire our students to embrace the gifts that performing arts training provides and to encourage them to carry these positive attributes with them for the rest of their lives.

Empire Performing Arts is a studio where young dancers are encouraged and inspired. It has a non-competitive, highly professional atmosphere where every student is valued. The teachers are experienced, friendly and professional. They maintain a wonderful balance of discipline, fun and self-confidence.
— Sally Curran (B.Ed, RAD TC)



  • Improved general and psychological wellbeing

  • Improved mental functioning

  • Improved social skills

  • Increased physical confidence

  • Greater self confidence and self esteem

  • Increased social interaction


  • Improved co-ordination, flexibility and agility

  • Improved balance and enhanced spacial awareness

  • Stronger muscles

  • Stronger bones

  • Healthier heart and lungs

  • Improved posture



Throughout your child's time at Empire Performing Arts they will have a variety of opportunities to perform in a range of diverse settings. This can include on-stage pieces, community events and professional gigs. Your child will shine while experiencing the positive benefits of the opportunities whilst also developing the tools and skill sets to aspire to a professional level in the performing arts industry.

“It teaches children to connect, to project, to empathise. It helps them speak, shout and belong. It can make them who they are. It is an essential part of any core curriculum.” (Playwright, Fin Kennedy)

Without the support, guidance and inspiration of Miss Emma, working towards my dream and getting to where I am today would not have been possible.
— Sarah Marriot ~ Student


  • Royal Academy of Dance Certified Teacher

  • Royal Academy of Dance CBTS Mentor

  • Exceptional training and professional experience

  • Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies

  • 15 years teaching experience in some of Sydney's most accomplished and highly acclaimed Ballet studios

Empire Performing Arts director    Emma Milgate

Empire Performing Arts director

Emma Milgate